Education software

Tango Teach

Tango Teach is designed to revolutionise the way interactive touch screens are used within education. Tango Teach will transform your touch-enabled large format display or multi-touch table into a powerful teaching tool. Plan and create lessons and lesson activities within minutes and deliver them in a new, fun and engaging way with Tango Teach. Use resources and media from a variety of online sources including YouTube and online images, or use locally stored resources to quickly create collections of media which can be re-opened and presented within seconds. Tango Teach supports a large number of media types including pictures and photographs, videos and movies, animations, PDF files, Word Documents and Power Point presentations which can be imported in seconds.

Corporate software

Tango Elite

Tango Elite is a powerful software to enhance group collaboration through the use of interactive E-screens or E-boards. It provides you with a full-featured set of tools to boost your business meetings and presentations. Tango Elite will run on any Windows or Mac powered PC connected to an interactive E-screen or E-Board and is as easy to use as an iPad. With Tango Elite you are no longer limited by the standard features of for instance PowerPoint or Prezi. Instead you will be able to draw on the whiteboard but at the same time bring in content from every location. Whether its installed local on your PC or comes from your business network. Even content from the internet can be brought in. One of the main differences with many other software tools is that you are able of doing all this in the same workspace. So you won’t need to switch from one application to the other. Your audience will be amazed with your presentation skills.

Sport software

Tango Sports

Enabling the use of multi-touch screen technology in sports analysis Tango Sports has been designed to transform tactical meetings for coaching staff and players.
Plan individual and team tactics and deliver with simplicity using large format multi-touch displays. Illustrate and explore different match scenarios using a range of on-screen tools. Save and easily recall them allowing you to test and discuss different approaches and strategies.
Videos and images can be imported in seconds and used to analyse and track the performance on screen of either individual player or team.

Safety software

Tango Safety

Tango Safety is a very powerful teaching tool designed to revolutionize the way interactive touch screens are used within safety education and table top exercises. The safety library is designed for safety workers in order to design realistic scenarios and present them in a new, fun and engaging way. With the unique database included lessons and instructions can be planned and created within minutes and be delivered and a new, fresh and engaging way.